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Applicant Profile is stored in the cookies once you create your profile. You must enable your cookies for this to occur.

First Time Registration

To Apply, view the Job Overview by clicking on the Vacancy name and then Click “Apply” at the bottom or on the top right of screen. Or click Apply for the Vacancy straight away from the front page.   You will be prompted to complete the application based on the steps involved in the Application process/es. Each time you have completed the Application process/es, you can add to or update your “Profile” details. These profile details include things like adding: Certificates and Licences, Education and Qualifications and Work Experience. There is an "Add Record" button, which allows you to add "New Records" for the first time, or to add additional records to update your profile. To “Delete" out-dated / wrong record/s, simply delete when appropriate. To "Edit" an existing record, click "Edit". At any time whilst you are going through the application process, you can exit the Careers Site, by clicking the "Complete Later" button.


If you have forgotten your password, you can request a new password from the home page of the Job/Career page. You will need to provide the e-mail address you used when originally registering. When you provide your user name (e-mail address) and submit it, you will be sent an email will be sent to this address, outlining your new auto-generated password (this will be a 32 character password). In the e-mail, there will be a link, which you can click, that takes you back to the login section. Please use this auto-generated password, to login, along with your User Name. When you login, you will be asked to provide this auto-generated password again. Once you submit this, you will then be asked to create a new password, and confirm that password. The new password needs to have a minimum 8 characters. Once you have done this successfully, you will be directed to the profile page.

Expression of Interest

You can submit an expression of interest without having to Apply for a Vacancy. If you have an account, and have previously applied for a Vacancy, you can use your User Name (e-mail address) to submit an expression of interest.


First time visitors are required to register prior to Applying for their first Job / Vacancy. Returning visitors can use the User Name (e-mail address) and Password that was provided during the original / first registration. If you are a returning applicant, please use your User Name (e-mail address) and Password to login and apply. If you do not remember your Password, you can request a new password, which will be sent to the e-mail address you have used for your registration. Your User Name will be your e-mail address. If you have forgotten your User Name, you will need to re-register to be able to Apply for a Job / Vacancy.

Locating the Job / Vacancy you are applying for

Select the Jobs / Vacancies List to view all available Jobs / Vacancies. Locate the Job / Vacancy you wish to apply for and then select the appropriate action e.g. "Apply". If you are returning to complete an application, once you have logged in, locate the “Applications” List and Click "Continue". If you wish to view the Job Details of a "Job Description,” Click "View Details.” Alternatively, Login and view your History by viewing your “Applications” list. Here you can "Continue" with an Application, “Withdraw” from an Application, "View Details" of a Job / Vacancy or "Apply Now" for new Jobs. The appropriate options will be presented to you based on your status in relation to the Jobs / Vacancies you are in process with.


To have the best chance of being successful with your application, answer the questions that are included in the application process/es for the Job / Vacancy you are applying for. Some of these questions may be mandatory. You will not be able to submit an application unless you answer all mandatory questions. If you have answered a question and the question is critical (but your answer choice is incorrect) you may be stopped in the application process and your application will be unsuccessful.

Confirm and Apply

The Final Step in the application process is to confirm that all the details you have entered are correct and finally, “Apply.” At this step, you are able to go back and change any application detail.

Withdraw an Application:

If you have applied for a Vacancy and wish to "Withdraw" prior to the closing date you can Login, and the Click "Applications". You will see a “Withdraw”” option on all Vacancies that you have applied for, that are still active (not closed). You have to have confirmed and applied for each vacancy to be able to subsequently withdraw.
Once you have withdrawn your application, you will be able to apply for this vacancy again.

Returning to Apply for another Position:

If you have already Registered and wish to apply for another Vacancy/ies simply "Login" or click “Apply.” If you choose “Login” you will be asked to provide your User Name (e-mail address) and Password. If you click apply, you will be asked to provide your User Name (E-mail address) and then the system will confirm if this exists or not. If it does, you will then be asked to provide your password. If you have forgotten your password, you can request a new one.

Agency Login

To be able to Submit candidates as an Agency, you will need to be registered with our business. You will then be provided with login details to allow you to submit candidates.

You can register as an Agency and Submit Applicants on behalf of your Agency. Please speak to HR for further information about this. To register as an Agency, please select the  “Agency Registration” option on the e-Recruitment Portal, Jobs Board Home page.

Job Alerts

If you would like to sign up for Job Alerts, click the Job Alert option and provide your e-mail address. Select your areas of Interest in terms of which Jobs you would like to be alerted about, regarding matches to selections.  Once you have made your selection/s, submit them. Any Jobs / Vacancies that are opened / created, which match your criteria, will be e-mailed to you. If you make a selection and then want to submit another Job Alert selection, simply enter your e-mail address and make the selections, then submit. Each Alert will be active for 90 Days. When you receive the alerts, you will have the option to Unsubscribe or Subscribe for another 90 Days. You do not have to be an existing applicant to sign-up for Job Alerts.

If you have not set-up Job Alerts and you are an existing Applicant, you can do so from within your profile. An e-mail will be sent when you sign up for a Job Alert confirming that you have done so. We will send you notifications when Jobs which match you alert parameters can be applied for.

An e-mail will be sent to you when you Job Alert is about to expire. You can extend the alert for an additional 90 Days. Or you can unsubscribe using the unsubscribe option in the Job Alert e-mail.

Apply with LinkedIn

You have the option, when you are applying for your first Vacancy, to Apply with LinkedIn. You the Applicant, must provide authorisation to access your account in LinkedIn. If you are applying with LinkedIn, the details that can be copied over from your account include: Current Job and General Information details. Each user account will also have to ability to re-sync your LinkedIn details after your initial application using LinkedIn application integration.

Mobile Devices

If you are applying for a Job / Vacancy via a mobile device, and your mobile device does not have the ability to store your CV so you can use it during your first Application (if attaching CV is Mandatory for the Job that you are applying for), you will need to Apply from a device where this process is possible. During the application process, you may be asked to provide your CV. This may be mandatory. Once you have applied from a device where you can attach a CV, future applications can be completed from a Mobile device. All mobile devices are supported.

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

When a first time applicant applies for a position, it is mandatory to attach a CV. They will also be asked if they would like to attach their LinkedIn Profile. You can choose to make it non-mandatory to attach a CV when someone is first registering and applying for a Vacancy. This will need to be configured by Subscribe-HR. If you make this non-mandatory, at first, but then make it mandatory that they attach their CV for another future vacancy, we can configure it so they will not be able to go past their profile page, for that particular Vacancy, without attaching their CV. If an Applicant attached their CV and it is more than 3 months ago that they did this, they will be asked if they want to update their CV and refresh it for the current / new Vacancy they are applying for.

Deactivation and Re-activation.

You can de-activate your account from within your profile after you have logged in. If you choose to de-activate, you will be informed that your account will be de-activated. If you choose to do this, you will be automatically logged out. To re-activate your account, simply use your user name and password to login. If your account is inactive, you will be asked if you want to re-activate your account. If you choose yes, your account will become active again. By de-activating your account, you will not be included in any Talent Pool and any active Job Alerts will be de-activated. You will receive no communication from the Applicant Tracking system if you have an inactive account.


The referral option allows visitors to Share Jobs with their contacts in Facebook. You can also post the Job / Vacancy to your Twitter account and your LinkedIn feed. Once you have clicked on the “Refer” button, you can select the social media channel you would like to share on. If you select LinkedIn or Facebook, you will be asked to authorise access to your account. If you allow access, your Facebook friends will be loaded into the sharer widget. You can share the Vacancy into your LinkedIn or Twitter Feed. Please feel free to use #jobs or @jobs. If you use the Facebook sharer and you select single or multiple applicants. This will send an invitation into the respective account. Your referral will be tracked by the business. You can also select the e-mail icon and send information of the Vacancy / Job to your contacts and this will send the invitation to their e-mail account.

Employment offer

If you are successful in making it to the offer stage, you may be sent an electronic version of the offer. A code will be generated and this code can be used to accept the offer.